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If you are looking to ​engage ​guests at a sophisticated soiree or entertain a mob of children ​in your home David has the perfect performance to delight your people.

Pick the act that will amaze and delight your guests.


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Kids Birthday Party Show: His magic show creates a friendly atmosphere where the children posses the magic power. Together the children and David whip up a whirlwind of amazing magic and sidesplitting comedy. Through the use of world class sleight-of hand and incredible timing your children will be mesmerized with Magic, Fluttering Birds, Unique illusions, Juggling and Tons of Audience Participation. It’s a blast! The kids are the real stars of the show! They will go home raving about your event. See the virtual option below.


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Virtual Birthday Party: Social Distancing?  David offers virtual "Zoom" versions of both his children and adult birthday party performances. You and your guests will  experience the excitement of a real live interactive show while maintaining the comfort of being in your own home.





Strolling Sleight-of Hand: David creates exciting, unusual magic with everyday objects right in your hands. Playing Cards dance at his fingertips, Dollar Bills change into hundreds, Jewels vanish and reappear, Metal Objects melt at his touch, Minds are read… and most importantly laughter and smiles materialize everywhere!



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Mentalism Show: David knows what you are thinking. While looking in your eyes he senses your thoughts including your favorite places, special moments and happy memories. He reveals names of your friends, pets, and family members. His predictions and premonitions are always upbeat, fun and on target. David makes no claims of having supernatural powers or any psychic abilities at all.  He ​cleverly  uses psychology, body language, statistics, keen observations, subtle persuasion and other real world techniques to create a show that is warm, funny and filled with tons of mind blowing moments. Most importantly your guests will have the time of their lives participating in this highly interactive program.


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Your Guests will be Added to the following List of Celebrities who were Spellbound with David’s Charming and Unique Performance Style:

• Al Franken • Alec Baldwin • Al Roker • Darryl Strawberry • David Dinkins • Donald Trump • Dr. Ruth Westheimer • Edward Koch • Howard Johnson • Howard Stern • Itzhak Perlman • Jane Curtin • Jasper Parnevik • Julia Roberts • Julia Child • Kenneth Kole • Kevin Klien • •Michael Bloomberg • Phoebe Cates • Phil Collins • Rosie O'Donnell • Sam Shepherd • Susan Sarandon •  Tommy Hilfiger • Tim Robbins • Burt Young and and many more ... 

Just one look at the numerous celebrities that have been amazed by David tells the whole story.

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