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David Levitan is an internationally acclaimed magician and mentalist.

David has entertained hundreds of thousands of people at corporate dinners, sales meetings, trade shows, family days, colleges and private parties for guests of all ages. His engagements have taken him throughout the U.S., Europe and Canada.

Besides performing for Fortune 500 companies, he is a regular on the celebrity “A List” circuit. Whether performing his corporate mind-reading show, his family-oriented magic show or sleight-of-hand walk around magic, it’s always 100% interactive, amazing and will be remembered for years to come!

Contact Us: (516) 536-6240    ​Email: Levitan@optonline.net



Mentalist Mind Reader: Astound Your Guests With Mind To Mind Communication!  David knows what you are thinking. While looking in your eyes he senses your thoughts including your favorite places, special moments and happy memories. He reveals names of your friends, pets, and family members. His predictions and premonitions are always upbeat, fun and on target. David makes no claims of having supernatural powers or any psychic abilities at all.  He ​cleverly  uses psychology, body language, ..... Click Here For More


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Sophisticated Sleight-of-​Hand ​Artist, ​Strolling Magician:

It's like trick photography but it's real. David creates exciting, unusual magic with everyday objects right in your hands. Playing Cards dance at his fingertips, Dollar Bills change into hundreds, Jewels vanish and reappear, Metal Objects melt at his touch, Minds are read…Click Here For More


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Kids & Family Magic Shows:

David has a superb rapport with young audiences. His magic shows create a friendly atmosphere where the children posses the magic power. Together the children and David whip up a whirlwind of amazing magic and sidesplitting comedy. The show is perfect for Birthdays, Corporate ​family ​functions, Schools, and Camps...  Click Here For More

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Day Camp and Sleepaway Camp Summer Shows

Amazing Campers and Staff for over 20 years ! Learn why so many camps invite him back every year.

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Trade Show ​Magician and ​Corporate Spokes ​Person: David is one of the world’s leading trade show presenters. His style will always reflect your corporate image. He is your ambassador of good will and an excellent representative of your company. Time and time again he has doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled his client’s qualified leads....  Click Here For More



holiday Virtual sml.jpgVirtual Magic and Mentalism Shows:  David is popping right out of  your screens via "Zoom". What fantastic way to celebrate virtual Birthday Parties, Virtual Family Gatherings or just a break from the daily doldrums. ...Click Here For More


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Trademark Artists, Acts and More: 

Trademark Special Events offers complete corporate and private event planning, including creation, design, decorations, music, production and operation. Our stable of performers include the very best of Magician's, Mentalists, Jugglers, Face-Painters, Caricaturists, Ventriloquists, Comedians, Djs, Silt Walkers, Circus Acts and all types of variety performers. Whether it’s at a hospitality suite, a convention hall, a sales meeting, a dinner-dance, a trade show, a ​bar mitzvah, a mall event or promotion … we know how to get your message across.     Click Here For More

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David Levitan has been the official Bronx Zoo's  "Boo at the Zoo" magician for the last decade. He brings new amazing magical surprises and side-splitting comedy to the Bronx Zoo every year.   Click Here For More


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                                                                                                                                                                Jewish Event Entertainer 

David Levitan ​understands and is sensitive to the needs of Jewish ​families and organizations.No matter what you are planning Sheva Brachots, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Upsherins, Hachnasat Sefer Torahs, Yeshivas reunions, Weddings, Fund Raisers,  shows for Jewish sleep away and day camps, holiday school celebrations, business celebrations  or Passover entertainment for  Hotel programs, David has a entertained at them all.  Click Here For more



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For Magicians Only: David Levitan's Gypsy Yo yo

This is the original and amazing Gypsy Yo Yo magic trick created and developted by David Levitan, manufactured and marketed by Mark Mason. There are a limited number of these gems left. Click Here to Buy Now or for more details

                SOLD OUT



Trademark Special Events

has been providing the best in themed parties and variety entertainers for private and corporate events for over 20 years. If the only thing your private party or corporate event needed was entertainment, you could just call an entertainer. But you need more than just an entertainer, you need an entertainment service that responds quickly and appropriately to your personal or company’s specific requirements…


Trademark Special Events & David's Clients include:

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Boo at the Zoo: Bronx Zoo 20​2​3                                 

​SEPTEMBER ​​30 - October ​29




I am excited to announce that I will be performing for this years "Boo at the Zoo" 

Come visit me and the Zoo. I​t's a great time to see the animals and all of the special Halloween activities.

David's Show will be presented throughout the day.

David Levitan's Magic & Ment​alism Shows:

Giraffe Corner, 11am, 12pm,  2pm, 3pm, 4pm

For More information about visiting the Bronx Zoo Click Here www.BronxZoo.com

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