Trade Show Magician and Spokesperson David Levitan Creates

Targeted Entertainment, Increasing Traffic and Sales at Trade Shows

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  • Stop Traffic
  • Maximize Your Visibility
  • Draw Tremendous Crowds
  • Educate Your Clients
  • Gather More Qualified Leads
  • Enhance Brand Identity

Q. With the ever increasing costs associated with trade show exhibiting ,how do you dramatically increase your rate of return?

A. David Levitan, tradeshow magician. Cloaked in an atmosphere of fun and excitement, David delivers a custom-scripted presentation that is guaranteed to stop traffic, draw tremendous crowds, and qualify leads on the spot.

Educate Tremendous Crowds. David seamlessly weaves your product information and entertainment into a powerful sales tool. His magic holds the crowd but your company and its products are the star of the show. His presentations run approximately 12 minutes in length and are repeated 2 times per hour. The booth becomes full of customers and your sales staff has ample time to educate qualified attendees with more specific details.

David is one of the world’s leading trade show presenters. His style will always reflect your corporate image. He is your ambassador of good will and an excellent representative of your company. Time and time again he has doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled his client’s qualified leads. Have David create his “Sales Magic” for your company.

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