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David Levitan is an Internationally Acclaimed Magician & Mentalist with over Twenty Years of Professional Performance Experience Entertaining at BarMitzvahs, Corporate Events and Private Parties.

David’s Strolling act is perfect for Bar Mitzvahs, Corporate Events and Private Parties.

David creates exciting, unusual magic with everyday objects right in your hands. Playing Cards dance at his fingertips, Dollar Bills change into hundreds, Jewels vanish and reappear, Metal Objects melt at his touch, Minds are read… and most importantly laughter and smiles materialize everywhere!

If you are looking for the very best magician in the Long Island, New York, Westchester, New Jersey and Connecticut area then you are looking for David Levitan

Your Guests will be Added to the following List of Celebrities who were Spellbound with David’s Charming and Unique Performance Style:


 David is known by many monikers including: the Best  Bar Mitzvah Magician, Best Long Island Magician, Best New York Magician, Best New Jersey Magician,  Best Westchester Magician and the Best Corporate Magician. Let him create his best for you.

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World Famous Psychic Uri Geller says " David Levitan is an amazing mentalist! I was astonished by some of his performances! I don't know how on earth he achieves them but they sure look like genuine mind reading! If you want to be mesmerized I highly recommend him for any event." Uri Geller



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